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From Christopher’s Blog

  • You Fired Your Most Responsible Employee!

    8 Dec 2014
    You Fired Your Most Responsible Employee! We have the pleasure of re-posting Mike Edward’s latest blog post here. We like Mike and think you will too. Imagine you are a manager of a department, and you just fired someone who was speaking out against the process they were asked to follow.  I’m sure it was justified as they just didn’t seem like a cultural fit to your image[…]
  • Taking Risks to Grow

    25 Nov 2014
    Taking Risks to Grow We are proud to welcome guest-blogger Cathy Laffan back to the blog! In her last post, Slow Down to Grow, she wrote about slowing down to allow yourself to grow. This week she considers how taking risks can lead to growth.   When the opportunity to take a risk arises do you take the risk or shy away from it?  Do[…]
  • An Introduction to The Power Cycle

    17 Nov 2014
    An Introduction to The Power Cycle When reacting to problems people choose from two mental paths, each an identifiable pattern. One path we call The Control Cycle. The other is The Power Cycle. The more common reaction to problems is the need to feel in control, but The Control Cycle addresses only the anxiety caused by a problem, not the problem itself. The Power Cycle is the choice to be[…]
  • Did Someone Fart?

    3 Nov 2014
    Did Someone Fart? We planned a post introducing The Power Cycle for today, but Mike Edward’s piece from his blog is a fantastic transition. This is a great example of the transition from Control to Power.   Last week Chris Chapman and I did a presentation in Waterloo at the PMI-CTT Annual Symposium. For the past 5 years I have done numerous presentations at conferences[…]
  • Responsibility is Authentic, Not Perfect

    29 Oct 2014
    Responsibility is Authentic, Not Perfect Guest Post by Mark Roberts Christopher Avery here. With pleasure I welcome Mark Roberts again to this blog. Mark is in management in a security services company in London, England. He shares a love for responsible leadership. Read more about Mark at the end of this post. Enjoy. Last Friday evening, I was relaxing and looking back at the week that[…]
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