A guest post by Mike Edwards from his blog.

In a past job I was tasked with helping teams improve. Long story short … one of the Directors would parachute into a team meeting occasionally and bully people into doing what he believed they should do. His behavior involved an adversarial tone & body language, banging fist on the table, and just simply pushing until he got his own way.

I believed it was my responsibility to hold a mirror up to help him see the impact his actions were having on teams. The complication is that I reported directly to this Director. I lived with a knot in my stomach for Continue reading

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Guest post from Jessica Soroky

Late last year I completed an intention of immense importance to me, an epic win if you will.

 I finished my year long commitment to blog each week.  In an attempt to enjoy the journey and not focus on the destination, I never thought about what I would do when I had met my intention. My worst fear was to become stale or stagnant. I began a search for inspiration, a sign for  Continue reading

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Albanian Prime Minister, former art teacher and artist Edi Rama carried three pencils at the anti-terrorism rally in Paris forming the French flag and displaying a sense of global responsibility.

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In her last guest post, Taking Risks to Grow, Cathy Laffan wrote about the benefits of taking risks, this week she examines compassion and The Responsibility Process™.


How do you practice compassion? Do you reserve your compassion for certain people or situations? Continue reading

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Please enjoy this re-post from Mike Edward’s blog. We like Mike and think you will too. To read more from Mike see his blog.


For more than 10 years of my career I worked hard at being the best Project/Program Manager ever. I could bring a team together and work with them to devise the best plan ever. We would start by defining the scope of our project, then evolve this to our work breakdown structure, we’d sequence those activities and finally identify the resources required and estimate the dozens of tasks. In the end I had this beautifully architected plan/schedule for our project. It was a thing of beauty! Then one day … I woke up in a cold sweat asking myself what on earth was I doing?!?!

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This blog usually gives. Today we have a request.The Responsibility Process 2014 Leadership 500 Top 15

Will you vote up The Responsibility Process™?

As happened this past year, The Responsibility Process is nominated again  for the 2015 Leadership 500 Excellence Awards. We want to dramatically improve over last year’s excellent 5th place finish. We are aiming for #1.

We think The Responsibility Process deserves that type of recognition as a leadership tool. Don’t you?

To help, proceed to the voting page now. It just takes a minute.

Note, the voting page asks you for your email address. The Leadership 500 people assure us that you will not be added to any list. If you later find out this isn’t true, we want to know.

Voting closes January 15, 2015.


Attention decision makers — For business Partnerwerks provides a unique and proven model for igniting ownership and self-direction. See Partnerwerks approach to sustainable change with measurable results enterprise-wide.

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We have the pleasure of re-posting Mike Edward’s latest blog post here. We like Mike and think you will too.

Imagine you are a manager of a department, and you just fired someone who was speaking out against the process they were asked to follow.  I’m sure it was justified as they just didn’t seem like a cultural fit to your image of the department. Instead of being a good corporate citizen and following the process, they were questioning it and perhaps even refusing to follow some part of it as they didn’t think it added value. Seems reasonable and you as a manager are truly above average and doing a good job.  Pat on the back for all.

Just when you’re basking in your glory someone points out “you just fired your most responsible employee!”

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We are proud to welcome guest-blogger Cathy Laffan back to the blog! In her last post, Slow Down to Grow, she wrote about slowing down to allow yourself to grow. This week she considers how taking risks can lead to growth.



When the opportunity to take a risk arises do you take the risk or shy away from it? Do you see risks as a chance to grow or fail?

Continue reading

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power cylce

When reacting to problems people choose from two mental paths, each an identifiable pattern. One path we call The Control Cycle. The other is The Power Cycle.

The more common reaction to problems is the need to feel in control, but The Control Cycle addresses only the anxiety caused by a problem, not the problem itself. The Power Cycle is the choice to be and act above the line and confront the Continue reading

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We planned a post introducing The Power Cycle for today, but Mike Edward’s piece from his blog is a fantastic transition. This is a great example of the transition from Control to Power.


Last week Chris Chapman and I did a presentation in Waterloo at the PMI-CTT Annual Symposium. For the past 5 years I have done numerous presentations at conferences and other professional events each year. Things have always gone well (although I’ve looked back at some of my earliest presentations and I’ve come a long way). My reviews have always been good, and doing this work brings me a great deal of fulfillment.

After the presentation in Waterloo I think Chris described it best when he said “it’s as if we farted and they Continue reading

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