Announcement: The Journey to Responsibility and Self-Leadership

It’s Finally Here

I’m pleased to announce the educational DVD and workshop solution for making your business bubble over with personal responsibility is now shipping to customers worldwide.

What Can The Journey Do for You?

Finally, a breakthrough How-To system for filling your workplace with Personal Responsibility. And the best part is you Do-It-Yourself with this low-cost DVD-based workshop.

Experts universally name Personal Responsibility the first principle of success in any endeavor (and you know what a difference it makes when people you depend on at work take ownership). But no expert could tell you how to systematically understand, develop, and build personal responsibility. . .

…Until Now

Attention Leaders, Executives, Business Owners, Professionals, & Leadership Coaches:

Put this easy-to-use DVD-based workshop to work for you teaching fellow leaders, team mates, and every employee how Personal Responsibility works in the mind— the essence of leadership and success—so they can

checkmark Take ownership checkmark Solve problems at the source
checkmark Engage checkmark Be resilient
checkmark Face reality checkmark Lead
checkmark Learn quicker checkmark Get unstuck
checkmark Respond with agility checkmark and so much more

So you do well—while doing good—with less effort.

That’s a Win/Win/Win. Look…

lgp preview
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