My Dog Died. Honest.

Image of Kelly, 1990-2007Son Thom and I got to his baseball game this morning 40 minutes late. We'd called ahead to say he'd be late. It's a small-town league, and Thom's team is the "minors" comprised mostly of 5th-graders like Thom. Our game was 30 miles up the road from Comfort in Ingram, Texas.

Thom was anxious because Coach Lee is always stern, and he threatens to penalize for lateness. He'd already told the team that they would have to take extra outs this Saturday for only having 8 players, present. The league rules say that every time the 9th player comes up in rotation, if you are missing the 9th player, you have to take an out instead. Thom was worried not only about being late, but also about the coach stressing about how many players would show, not to mention our dead dog weighing on his mind.

So when we got in the truck after wrapping Kelly (1990-2007) in a sheet and placing her in the pool-house closet to await burial later this afternoon, I called Coach and told him we'd be late. I told him—I swear—"Our dog died."

Seemed like the thing to do.

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4 Responses to My Dog Died. Honest.

  1. Michael says:

    I’m sure Kelly will be remembered for the love, laughs, and cuddles she bought into your lives.

    ps. who won the game?

  2. Thom’s team won by a bunch. Thom was focused and contributed to the win with his bat, base-running, and in the field.

    We came home to find that Thom’s older brother and friend had dug a grave on the lower part of our property. Thom wheeled Kelly’s remains down over the hill in a cart, refusing help. It seemed to be Thom’s way of processing the loss (Thom has his own young spry dog now, but Kelly was the matriarch of the Avery’s four dogs).

    Thanks for asking, and for your kind words.

  3. Dianne Michels says:

    To Thom and the entire Avery family, my condolences on the death of Kelly. Such a sweet dog. I’m heartened to know she received a proper burial and Logan is there to provide love and support.

  4. Thanks Dianne. I’ll share your comments with the family. And for other readers’ benefit, Dianne gave us Logan, a beautiful male Vizsla, who has become Thom’s beloved friend and companion, as referenced in my post.

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