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Wanted: Workshop Coordinator for The Responsibility Company

I get paid for this?
[updated 19 August 2019] 

Meet The Responsibility Company’s team and ask yourself, will I be 

next?  If you see yourself adding value to a brand new company based on decades of field research with solid community support and plenty of room to grow, please apply. We would LOVE to hear from you. 

And if not, chances are good that you know some incredible humans interested in doing inspiring work with other incredible humans.  MANY THANKS for kindly sharing.


Join The Responsibility Company operations team and take the lead in coordinating our international workshop schedule, designed to help people around the world understand, teach and master The Responsibility Process®.


We practice Agile principles and apply The Responsibility Process to our daily workflows, optimizing for continuous learning and improvement as a collaborative and supportive team.


You will be the primary point person for:

  • Strategizing how our workshops can deliver exceptional value to our audience;
  • Selecting cities, and selecting and partnering with venues;
  • Managing our calendar of events;
  • Selectively deepening joint-venture relationships;
  • Balancing our current commitments with new opportunities;
  • Developing and supporting our faculty;
  • Providing customer care (i.e., addressing support requests);
  • Coordinating registrations and communication with participants;
  • Handling the logistics (venue paperwork and confirmations, directions, catering, materials printing and delivery, etc.), and
  • Planning for growth of our train-the-trainer (T3) and Trainer Certification business.

You may also expand into other valuable roles as mutually inspired.


…serve a social purpose (search on avery+responsibility+process) with inspiring content and enjoy exceptional opportunities to serve the world. We are a small closely-held business that is on the move. Headquartered in Austin, TX USA we operate virtually with all teammates working from wherever they wish and setting their own schedules.


  • love our purpose and contribution in the world, and see yourself enjoying the work;
  • demonstrate impeccable English speaking and writing skills;
  • might speak additional languages as we have clients around the world;
  • excel at self-organizing, self-managing, self-leading (we align on work that each of us is already inspired by, we don’t assign work);
  • prefer working in caring and supportive teams;
  • are adept at agile/lean/team flow thinking and doing;
  • have been and will continue to be effective working virtually (The Responsibility Company teammates are located in multiple cities and mostly interact via Zoom, KanbanFlow, FlowDock, and Google Docs);
  • are experienced and effective working with systems such as InfusionSoft, and web tools such as WordPress
  • can be located (or even on the move) anywhere and have overlap hours with USA time zones;
  • are wired to add value, solve problems, be interested and curious;
  • want to master Responsibility to master your life (and surround yourself with others doing the same).

This will be a part-time contract role to start, and can become a full-time contract role or employee,


…on our contact page. Be sure to:

  1. Explain your “big why” for pursuing this role and how it fits in your life,
  2. Assess yourself as a fit for the role as described here (i.e., at which expectations are you already a whiz, and into which expectations will be growing?);
  3. Tell us about your availability and desired compensation; and
  4. Communicate anything else that you would like us to know such as
    • how we might make this opportunity more perfect for you,
    • your secret super-power,
    • your most useless talent, or
    • your inspired dream.


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