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We’re now The Responsibility Company

seed change bannerI have much to report. It’s been a while.  I intend to be brief here, reporting just enough for now, and then write follow-on blogs.

I’m back, mostly

I was pretty sick for about three years, from 2015 into 2018. I was seriously down, but not out. I still have some lingering effects. Someday I’ll tell the whole story. Now isn’t the time.

We were able to keep Partnerwerks alive, thank goodness. I evolved, and I retrospected much. I decided that if I had the opportunity I would make important changes in the business of The Responsibility Process.

And that’s what I’m doing.

Enter advisors and team

During 2018 I asked a number of CEOs who are clients, and who love The Responsibility Process, for strategic guidance. They gave freely and I’m grateful.

We assembled a simple plan and executed. 2018 was a good year. 2019 will be better.

We now have a small team in flow, and we’re growing.

Long live Partnerwerks

For twenty-eight years we went by the name of Partnerwerks, Inc. As of January 2019 we are The Responsibility Company™. It amazes me that the name is not in use by any other entity. 

It sounds friendly, doesn’t it? The Responsibility Company.

Note to customers and suppliers: This is not a DBA (“dong business as”) or a new entity. We filed a name change amendment with the State of Texas. Our EIN (Employee Identification Number) remains the same. 

If you’ve ever changed your name you know it takes a while to get it changed everywhere, so enjoy seeing “Partnerwerks” here and there for some time.

The perfect domain (pinch me)

In December we acquired the domain It will be the home for The Responsibility Company business. 

As with the name “The Responsibility Company”, I was awestruck that we could acquire it. Synchronicity? I believe it.

Expanded purpose

Our new name and soon-to-be new home on the web mean an expanded narrative and opportunity. We’re at the beginning of exercises to understand and communicate what’s possible. Stay tuned.


Study Opportunities

The Responsibility Process® Leading and Coaching workshop 

Hamburg – 25 March 2019, Training the trainer 25-26 March 2019

Austin – 17 May 2019, Training the trainer 17-18 May 2019


The Responsibility Process Powerful Teams workshop

Helsinki – 18-19 March 2019

Hamburg – 28-29 March 2019


The Leadership Gift Program Fall 2019 LIVE Semester starts April 5



Read The Responsibility Process in paperback or on Kindle or iBooksContact us to order in volume for your event, book club, or class. 

Christopher Avery headshotChristopher Avery, “The Responsibility Process guy”, founded The Leadership Gift™ Program to make world-class personal leadership development accessible to individuals worldwide. His books include The Responsibility Process and Teamwork Is An Individual Skill.

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6 Responses to We’re now The Responsibility Company

  1. Ronica Roth says:

    So happy for you, Christopher!! Big, exciting changes, falling into perfect synchronization. 🙂

  2. Serendipity! Magnificent news that I’m eager to watch unfold in the coming months.

  3. Lane Kagey says:

    Congrats! Good to hear good things are happening.

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