2007 Mission 36 — keynote impresses Agile Business Conference

The afternoon of 3 October found me in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference center near Trafalgar Square in London keynoting Agile Business Conference 2007. We'd been planning this Responsibility Redefined mission for many months. As you may know, the "agile" movement in software development, project leadership, and business is a major interest of mine.

My thanks to DSDM Consortium marketing leader Adrian Greenwood for his liaison during the past year while planning this, and to Mary Henson, DSDM Global Operations Director, who hosted a fantastic dinner on the first night of the conference for all the speakers and presenters.

Here's what DSDM Chairman Barry Fazackerley wrote in a note to me after the conference:

Since its inception, the Agile Business Conference has been recognised by the quality of its keynote speakers. Even with these high standards being maintained in 2007 – Christopher Avery's presentation on Leadership and Responsibility proved to be something very special.

As one might well imagine – the response from the 300+ audience was extremely positive. However, the comments from the conference centre's technical team were remarkable. Remember, the Queen Elizabeth II is London's premier conference centre and this team watch presentations from leading people and organisations from around the world – day in and day out.

Of Christopher they said "..the best talk we have ever seen". I can't imagine any higher praise than that.

Christopher's Responsibility Process is on my wall DSDM logoand if you have any interest in achieving team results – it should be on yours too.

As organisers of the UK's premier Agile conference – we at the DSDM Consortium have no hesitation in placing Christopher at the top of our list of invitees to speak in 2008.

Barry Fazackerley – Chairman DSDM Consortium

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