A cool tool to assess and improve your team’s effectiveness

Update: November 21, 2010 – We no longer market this tool. Existing clients can contact us for support. We remain friends with and support the work of Robert Marshall and Jane Lowther at Knowledge Teams International who developed the tool.

I really like the Knowledge Team Effectiveness Profile (KTEP). I probably would not have brought it to market if I didn’t! Yes, I’m a USA partner in the business that distributes this fabulous instrument.

What’s so cool about it?

Well, for starters, it’s based on empirical results rather than theory. The researchers behind the tool created and maintain the largest known data-base of team performance data in the world. Then they crunched it and crunched it some more until this fabulous tool emerged.

The instrument’s developers tracked hundreds of technical and management teams from launch through completion, then ranked all the teams from most to least effective in accomplishing their mission. Why? Only then could they normalize the survey data they collected during the life of the teams, factor-analyze it, and reduce it to the smallest number of factors that differentiate between high- and low- performing teams.

Then it gets really cool.

I’ll spare you all the science and statistical details. Instead, I’ll tell you what Knowledge Team Effectiveness Profile can do for you. Simply put, it will tell you exactly how your team dynamics and other characteristics compare to the most and least effective teams in the database. Then it will tell you which of the factors make the most difference for your team. And it will tell you how to leverage your resources to gain maximum improvement for your team.

Knowledge Team Effectiveness Profile (KTEP) produces more information about your team faster and cheaper than any interview/observation process by a team expert. And it’s statistical basis appeals to the analytical thinkers that inhabit most of today’s knowledge teams. Check it out.

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