Acrotech Team Rocks – Email From a Happy Client

From: Tom Houdeshell
Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2006 9:25 PM

Hi Christopher

Hope to you are able to attend our 60th anniversary celebration on December 7. Your invitation should arrive shortly.

Looking forward to additional training again this next year. Thanks again for all of your help!

FYI, Sales, profit, and efficiency are at all time highs!!! Turnover, and scrap are at all time lows!!!!

The team rocks.


Isn’t that great?! That’s cool. We’ve supported Tom Houdeshell for three years in building a world class manufacturing team in Kerrville, Texas, a town better known for tourism and ranching than manufacturing. Congratulations to Tom and Acrotech Southwest. He took over a facility where employees had low morale, low pay, and the facility had a bad reputation as a place to work. That’s all different now. But that’s not all, there is no part of the business where Tom and his team are not willing to confront reality about what’s working and what isn’t, then do something about it to race toward being world class. My hat’s off to you!

I heartily recommend Acrotech Southwest if you’re looking for a blow molding supplier.

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