Agile Ghettos

Image of agile ghetto conceptAs promised, here is the PDF of our slides from Michael England’s and my discovery session think tank at Agile 2007 last week in Washington DC.

The Thursday afternoon session was titled “Agile Ghettos or Thriving Communities: Are Agile Principles Suitable Only for Development Teams or Can They Guide Executive Practice Too?”

Agile Ghettos or Thriving Communities?

The think tank attracted a number of execs from larger IT departments, and they engaged readily. Michael and I were very pleased with the attendance, participation, and consensus reached.

I’ll be writing more about that consensus soon, so you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed or check back here.

The top line is that the group agreed with our thesis about Agile Ghettos not being sustainable.

That is, if management of and over the development group operates in a traditional siloed mentality, the agile principles and processes on the front lines will eventually suffer. Thus, for sustainability, the executive leadership must adopt agile and collaborative leadership principles and practices.

If this piques your interest, I recommend Knowledge Team Leadership to you.

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