Agile Leadership: Bag Stuffing Lean Flow Videos – Fourth in a Series

Eric and KarlWorker Empowerment

Here is another of the cool Agile2011 Lean Flow Bag Stuffing sessions lead by the agile coaching duo of Karl Scotland and Eric Wilke.

The first post provided an overview of the entire process. The second post focused on how the coach’s facilitated the team for Lean Flow Process Improvement. The third post documented metrics or what Karl calls “sensing” which means making sense of what is going on.

Watch the video in this post to learn about worker empowerment in Lean Flow.

By the way, the 2011 team again set another record for the most bags stuffed with the most stuff in the least time. I had a ball and was forever changed with regards to how to approach any type of process design and improvement — especially when the process involves a team or a team of teams.

The next and last post in this series will focus on the retrospective.

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Posted in Agile on 08/11/2012 07:09 am
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