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Strange Attractors

I skipped the Toronto Agile 2008 conference this year in  August. But when the call for proposals was out back in January I heard from Portia Tung that she’d read my article on Personal Agility and wished I would present Responsibility Redefined™ in Toronto. I appreciated that since I’d presented at the 2004-2007 conferences. Alas, I told her we’d have to sync up somewhere else.

So as I’m heading into the London conference center last Wednesday to give the closing keynote for Agile Business Conference 2008, I pass a pub where my friends Ole and Jenni of Go Agile, a consulting group in Copenhagen, are hanging out with another gentleman and an oriental woman breaking out in a huge smile of recognition and waving at me. Then, an hour later, there she is again in the audience smiling and nodding and grinning at everything I said. (I do so play to such full-of-positive-feedback audience members.)

Yep, it was Portia.

Portia blogs in Challenge Your Personal Agility about that talk. An excellent writer, Portia describes my work well. Thanks Portia!

But wait there’s more

Portia sent me home with a deck of cards from her Agile Fairytales games which you can access, download, and use! How kind is that of Portia?! Read about some folks playing the game last week at the conference.

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