Agile2007 is Underway

I’m at Agile2007 in Washington DC this week. After traveling all allAgile2007 logo last week, I’m really not in the conference mood. So, the highlight of my day was getting out at sunrise and jogging to the Lincoln Memorial and back. I presented “Demonstrating Responsibility: The Mindset of An Agile Leader” this afternoon to an appreciative crowd. Some people told me it changed their life. Others told me they didn’t get it. The kicker was the gent who told me that two years ago he saw me and didn’t get it. Today he got it like a ton of bricks. Perhaps he was ready!

We also tested the launch of a Responsibility Redefined Fund to carry out the non-profit side of our mission. We collected $31. It’s a start and good information.

And Agile University and I got together and decided to grant a $100 discount to everyone who registers for Knowledge Team Leadership this week using the code “Agile 2007.” There are few spots left if you are interested in taking advantage of this.

The traditional opening icebreaker was tonight with food, adult beverages, and entertainers like magicians, handwriting readers, face-painting, and such.

More later.

Posted in Agile, Responsibility on 08/13/2007 07:29 pm
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