Answers to Why People Refuse to Accept Responsibility

Ask Christopher Avery, my monthly “first Tuesday” Blog Talk Radio show (which you are listening to right now), this month addressed six important questions submitted by listeners. Maybe I’ll answer your question next time…

Q: Why do so many folks refuse to accept personal responsibility, preferring to pass blame onto their spouse, business partner, children, etc.?

Q: Any suggestions for using the Responsibility Process to help oneself overcome inertia and start taking action on business goals, rather than simply studying, learning, and having analysis paralysis?

Q: How do I retire in a responsible way from a volunteer team where I play a crucial role & maintain relationships.

Q: In our choice to operate from a position of responsibility with our senior parents my husband and I would like your input on how to Honor our parents when we do not agree with their choices or belief system.

Special guest Mr. ElderCare joined me to offer his views on this question.

Q: How does one install personal responsibility in one’s 12-year-old children (twins)?

Q: How does the Responsibility Process deal with a persons truth, particularly when you agree with that truth, but recognize they are not taking 100% responsibility and staying stuck behind that truth?

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