Beyond Obligation: Stopping Infant Drowning

“In-Abling” a Family to Be Safer Around the Water

On my talk radio program “Beyond Obligation” I interview my heroes — each an individual who confronted a reality no one else would or could face, and changed the world for the rest of us.

I interviewed Dr. Barnett in February 2009 about his responsibility as a leader.

In this episode Monday April 27 we’ll focus on you and the infants and pools in your life. We’ll be pointing you to videos and other resources Barnett created to prevent infant drowning.


Who is Harvey Barnett, PhD?

With a Ph.D. and 43 years experience, Barnett developed the first and only drowning prevention strategy that has earned a 100% safety record. ISR is a truly comprehensive infant swimming education and self-rescue skill instruction method that is well established in the fields of health care, psychology/behavioral sciences, anatomy and physiology.

Since 1966, ISR has safely delivered over 7 million lessons to teach water self-rescue skills to more than 177,224 babies and has educated parents and medical experts nationwide on water safety techniques and proven instruction methods. To date, ISR has 788 documented cases of children using ISR techniques to save themselves from drowning.


Posted in Responsibility on 04/24/2009 07:12 am
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