Handouts and more as promised from my Agile2006 session Demonstrating Responsibility: The Mindset of An Agile Leader

Thanks again for attending our session. The room looked packed. I know it was set for 400+. I don't know how many actually attended, but you came early, got engaged, and stayed late! Thanks for supporting and spreading the vision of Responsibility Redefined.I promised you a number of things. First, the revised presentation file as well as an audio file if I was able to capture it. Well, good news, I was able to capture about 95% of the audio. My recorder lost power — batteries I think — right at the end, so the audio files will miss the grand finale. But the first 95% should increase your mastery of responsibility!

Click to download or access:
Presentation file (PDF download, 1.3Mb)
Audio file 1 of 2 (MP3 audio file, 37.8Mb, 40 min 20 sec)
Audio file 2 of 2 (MP3 audio file, 38.3Mb, 41 min 50 sec)

I also promised to help you hold the vision and learn more about Responsibility Redefined…sign up for free Responsibility eTips and enter the secret words that I gave you during my session in the “comment” section to claim your free PDF of my latest Executive Report Responsibility and Profits (or buy it in our store for $14.95). And, we'll include the just released case study detailing client results, On The Road to Responsibility Leadership at DTE Energy Corporation.

Let me know what you want me to offer at future Agile conferences.

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