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Matthias from Germany asks “What do the colors mean?” I’ll tell you…   Change your life with Responsibility Immersion. Proven. Exceptional reputation. Flexible to fit your life. Learn more now…

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  This post originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse.   Are your agile efforts missing something, but you can’t put your finger on it? Perhaps The Responsibility Process can help. No business sector enjoys wider adoption of The Responsibility Process (described … Continue reading

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Excerpted from The Responsibility Process by Christopher Avery. For millennia advisors have told us that taking 100 percent personal responsibility is the first principle of success. These advisors include philosophers such as Socrates; success experts like Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield, … Continue reading

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A few days ago I announced the print publication of The Responsibility Process. Today, the ebook is available on Kindle and iBook/iTunes. This book is for anyone interested in leading themselves and others to greater degrees of freedom, choice, and power. … Continue reading

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For ten years people have asked when I would write the book on The Responsibility Process. It is done. The Responsibility Process was published last Friday (Amazon). Read advance praise from early reviewers. Here’s an excerpt from the Change your life … Continue reading

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Stand for Something When I kick off product teams, one of the many things I do with them is play a game called Product Tree. Product Tree is a game created by Luke Hohmann (Innovation Games®) where you use a … Continue reading

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“Look” the fellow from Denmark exclaimed while pointing to the visual I’d created the day before. “It’s just what Avery said would happen: we had a breakthrough!” It was true. His team had broken through a frustrating and heated issue. … Continue reading

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This was posted today on the Rally blog. If you don’t already follow Rally’s leading software development industry coaches and executives, I recommend it. Enjoy. When Rally asked if I would bring my Agile leadership and culture-building tools to the … Continue reading

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Things often don’t go as planned with teams or projects, but they can go as expected. Harvard Business School professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter once beautifully restated a longstanding truism about projects and teams. She said “everything looks like a failure in … Continue reading

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Normally this blog gives freely and asks little. Today is different. We’re giving and asking.  You see starting tomorrow and for the next two or three weeks, scores of leaders and coaches worldwide will apply for admission to The Leadership … Continue reading

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