The 5 Flawless Steps to Building A Strong Executive Leadership Team (ebook)



Learn, Apply and Profit Again and Again with The 5 Flawless Steps to Building A Strong Executive Leadership Team 

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Whether you are a C-level executive, vice president, director or their coach looking for the EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE only available from a true team, this FREE Special Report is for you. Learn the five flawless steps Christopher Avery has honed and perfected for twenty years that anyone can use to give any team the absoutely greatest chance to become a dynamic high-performing unstoppable team.

Here’s what the Founder and CTO of Rally Software (now CA Technologies) says: 

Ryan-Martens-Pic-236x300“The lessons and insights Christopher shares in The Five Flawless Steps to Building A Strong Executive Team are based on years of research and original work in this area. This work applies to the creation of all high-performance teams, but he puts a special focus on the executive team, as it is typically the highest leverage point in the business.

Indeed, in the last five years, we have had Christopher involved with us at least seven times.

As you continue on your Agile journey, your impact and implications will begin to extend beyond the scope of your current champion. This special report is intended to help you and your champion create the context for continued business success and Agile expertise.”

–Ryan Martens, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Rally Software Development 

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