Can An Inspirational Email Help You Get What You Want?

I bet you get too many emails a day and may not have time for pithy-quote emails. That’s okay. And if that’s true I bet you might also just be working too hard for the results you get. And if that’s true, then my wish for you is get to one of my workshops sometime and learn about your natural Responsibility Process™ and how it regulates your learning and growth.

And if you haven’t left already ‘cuz I got in your face in that first paragraph by suggesting a truth that you don’t want to face, then read this…

Bob Proctor is a gifted life coach who has been helping people reach their goals since the 1960’s. You might want to read the Forward to his book You Were Born Rich. It was written by Doug Wead, Former Special Assistant to the President, who says “when it comes to systematizing life, no one else can touch him.”

Today’s Insight of the Day, a daily email I receive from Bob reflected a major theme we confronted repeatedly this past weekend in Global Educators Academy. The theme is your everyday and every moment choice to either cope with problems and frustrations by avoiding ownership for them or face them and grow. Each choice has anxieties connected with it. So make your choice. I intend to choose the anxiety of growth, a good and useful anxiety sometimes called “confronting the truth” or more scientifically, “perturbation.”

Here’s the quote.

One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.
–Abraham Maslow, 1908-1970, Psychologist

It’s true and our work on Responsibility Redefined can show you exactly how to understand it, apply it, and even teach it to others.

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Do you use inspirational daily emails to remind you how strong you can be? I’m interested in knowing whether you do and which one’s you like best. Leave a comment.

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