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This Christmas greeting went out to all our friends on the Responsibility eTips free subscription list. If you didn't get one, click here and get yourself on the list (only get on the Responsibility eTips list if you want me to support you in taking 100% ownership for having the life, work, and relationships of your dreams so you can enjoy the freedom, choice, and power you deserve).

 Avery family Christmas e-greeting

Mission #42Rally Software logo

I spent Monday and Tuesday this week in Boulder, CO at the headquarters for Rally Software Development, the leader in application life cycle management for agile software development. I worked with Rally's product and engineering teams on some Responsibility Redefined planning and team development opportunities. No wonder Rally is such an amazing award winner and leader in the agile community . . . I wish I could tell you how many releases Rally engineers nailed with all promised features and functionality in 2007. Maybe I'll get permission and report back.

Great natural light portrait photographer in Dallas Texas 

While our two families vacationed on South Padre Island, TX during Thanksgiving week, natural light portrait photographer Julie Johnson from Dallas Texas shot some publicity photos for me. That's Julie's candid shot we used above for the Christmas greetings from my family. Julie and her husband Ashley attended Global Educators Academy in early November and Julie took that shot during the barbecue party at my house when my wife Amy and my sons slowed down long enough for a quick pose.

image of me (c) Julie JohnsonImage of ChristopherImage of Christopher

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Other 2007 Responsibility Redefined Missions 

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