Christopher’s Teleconversation with Craig Neal of Utne Reader fame, 9 Jan 2007

Two reasons for this post:

First, to let you know that I’ll be a guest of Crag Neal and the Heartland Circle this Tuesday evening from 7-8PM Central on their VisionHolder series. Information and link to register. Responsibility Process™ imageEven if you are reading this post well after the fact, you should be able to access the archive of the call. Craig is known for building the Utne Reader to it’s prominent role in media. Today, Craig and his wife Patricia lead the Heartland Circle and it’s mission of serving you and the unfolding of our collective story by offering resources, education, and access to the VisionHolders who are called to be our social and organizational pioneers in these times.

Second, to provide this graphic of the Responsibility Process™ for participants on the call. I’ll be referring to this model during the call and want as many participants as possible to have access to the model prior to and during the call. Click on the image to see a larger image.

Please claim your own 8.5″ x 11″ full color PDF of the Responsibility Process™ model.

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