Clear Five Limiting Beliefs Now

The third of Three Keys to (unlocking and mastering) Responsibility™ is to Confront what’s true that you have not been willing or able to confront before. Here’s an amazing opportunity to do just that—if you are willing…

The value of freedom

If I suggested that by tomorrow you could achieve freedom from five of the most prevalent limiting beliefs holding you back and all it would cost you is a mere $1000, would you respond to the offer? I’m talking about confronting and achieving freedom from the the limiting beliefs we all wrestle with like:Sad boy locked fence

  • Mistakes and failure are bad,
  • I’m not important, and
  • Change is difficult and takes a long time,

and all it would cost for this freedom is $1000 and 128 pain-free minutes of your time. Worthy investment?

If you don’t believe you have these binding thoughts limiting your freedom everyday look again. Experience says everyone develops limiting beliefs from childhood, and not confronted and cleared, continue to drag down their ability to respond, and succeed, throughout their lives.

Think about how this belief in limitation controls you you… How these beliefs stop you from trying, from believing, from confronting, from building yourself and your ideas, from taking action, from responding to your life, and from dreaming big. They take you from the freedom of choice in your life. Beliefs that rob your power, controlling your desires. The freedom, choice, and power you deserve as a birthright…

Shoot. $1000 would be cheap. As Your Responsibility Coach for Life I’d tell you to spend the money and invest the two hours and eight minutes right now because confronting and eliminating these limiting beliefs will increase your ability to respond in so many ways…

It gets better

Now, what if I told you that you could actually clear these limiting beliefs for free (plus the 128 pain-free minutes of your time)? Then would you do it? Would you?!

What if I told you that I recently confronted these five limiting beliefs in myself and eliminated them, and it’s made a significant difference in my sense of freedom? Then would you do it? I can attest that it is extremely freeing and empowering.

I couldn’t believe that my new friend Morty Lefkoe (that’s Morty’s wife Shelly with Morty in the picture; we met in San Francisco the first weekend in March 2008 at the Teleseminar Secrets Reunion) is giving this freedom away for free!

But he is. He perfected the process of freeing people of limiting beliefs by working on 14,000 people, one at a time, and mostly over the phone in very brief sessions lasting 5-20 minutes (traditional therapists apparently don’t like that he works so fast). So he decided to automate the process and give it away. Why? He wants people to seek him out for personal treatment only for the uncommon limiting beliefs, and he wants 10 million people to use his gift for free to rid themselves forever of the top five beliefs that limit people’s ability to respond.

So, unless you’d rather muddle through, check out and do it now.

Then come back and tell me about your experience.

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