Confront Reality to Avoid Living Within the Lie

I teach leaders that the third, and hardest Key to Responsibility™, i.e., to mastering your responsibility, and hence your freedom, choice, and power, is “Confront.” That means to continually face the truth about a problem or upset, to see things as they are instead of as you would like them to be or hope—or more likely, pretend— they are. A new post at the Leading Blog titled Living Within the Lie explains why Confront should be a cultural daily practice in every organization:

Living within the lie, because it does not face reality, is the process by which great organizations fall into catastrophic errors – and through which they often fail to recognize these errors even after their consequences have become apparent. The self-deception of living within the lie is how banks fell victim to the credit crunch and the US came to be embroiled in Iraq…. Dishonesty of speech quickly leads to dishonesty in behavior because the language we use governs all we do.

Leading Blog: Living Within the Lie

Posted in Leadership, Responsibility on 01/16/2009 08:50 am
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