Demonstrating Responsibility at Agile2007

As promised, I am posting my slides from my rollicking session at Agile2007Image of Vasa last week where I taught the Responsibility Process™ to an auditorium full of wild and crazy developers and project leaders. It was a good time.

Demonstrating Responsibility: The Mindset of An Agile Leader

If you were there, this picture will remind you that we revisited the ill-fated pet project of the king of Sweden during the years 1626 to 1628. The Vasa sailed about a mile before sinking to the bottom of the harbor where it lay for 325 years before being found, raised, and restored. Amazingly, no one was held accountable for the failure of this project.

Want to hear the entire session? It’s available for download as an  Audio MP3. It’s 86 minutes long.

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