Does Mastering Responsibility Require Total Replication?

As the next session of Global Educators Academy approaches Linda asks:

Global Educators Academy LogoI’ve thought many times of attending your workshop. Would you tell me how attendees use the material when they teach. Do you require a total replication of your ideas, or can the material (with plenty of credit for your work) be incorporated into a broader context? Linda

Great question. Thanks. I’m glad you asked, and I hope you don’t mind my answering it in the blog and inviting comment.

My Purpose and Vision

The Responsibility Process™ and Keys to Responsibility™ is the most important information I know and have to share. I stumbled upon it searching to understand how shared responsibility operates in teams. I’ve been field-testing this information since 1991 based on the study began by Bill McCarley in 1984.

I’ve dedicated my career to advancing this information not just in business, but in all sectors of society worldwide. My purpose is to study, apply, and teach Responsibility Redefined™, the brand I’ve given to this amazing information.

My vision is to see the Responsibility Process poster hanging in every office, classroom, kitchen, and church in the world.

Do I require a total replication of my ideas?

I offer a total understanding, integration, and thus replication, of Responsibility Redefined fundamentals for anyone who wishes to attain mastery of their own responsibility process and then apply Responsibility Redefined to their chosen field of endeavor.

To clarify, I believe that the Responsibility Process is a natural mental process that operates identically in all humans to regulate how we do or don’t accept ownership of our actions and outcomes. I’ve pursued mastery of my own Responsibility Process for sixteen years and have learned many ways to fail to attain mastery and a few ways to succeed.

So, as it applies to the fundamentals, the answer is “yes”. I would expect no less of any master from whom I was learning, whether a master plumber, a master gardener, or a Tai Chi master.

As it applies to practice and application, the answer is “please, please join me in confronting and uncovering how this information can be studied, taught, learned, and applied so we can reach more people in more sectors of society around the world faster and better and easier with this extraordinary information.”

Can the material be incorporated into a broader context?

Yes! That’s precisely the intent of Global Educators Academy. To quote the web site:

Calling all coaches, consultants, team-builders, trainers, organization developers, teachers, preachers, parents, therapists, counselors, facilitators, mediators, professors. These could be the most important three days of your life! Learn to use, teach, and apply this powerful material in your own work. (underline added for emphasis)

I’ve applied Responsibility Redefined to the practice of teamwork, partnering, and collaboration. And with others am applying it to leadership, change, culture shaping, and personal growth and success. But it can also be applied to parenting, teaching, accounting, being a student, coaching, pastoral counseling, therapy, athletics, medicine, architecture, art, music…

I  want Global Educators Academy to be an engine for innovation where practitioners from all fields come together and conceive of new directions and vectors for Responsibility Redefined… did I say “in all sectors of society around the world?”

Gosh, I sure hope people who learn Responsibility Redefined from me apply it in more broader contexts than I can imagine!

Take Action Now

Who do you know that could make a difference in some sector of society by learning, practicing, and applying the Responsibility Process and the Keys to Responsibility to their vocation? Invite them to attend Global Educators Academy with you.

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