DOI, APLN links and lead volunteers

I'm most fortunate to have contributed to the Declaration of Interdependence (DOI), a document that expresses the shared values of the co-founders of the Agile Project Leadership Network (APLN). This important association develops, connects, and supports great project leaders. If you aren't yet a member of APLN, please do yourself a favor and join. A lifetime membership is just $100. We aren't out to earn your annual membership, just to change the world of leadership. Here are some of the founding members and core volunteers:David Anderson
Sanjiv Augustine
Christopher Avery
Alistair Cockburn
Mike Cohn
Dayan M Douse (employed at DTE Corporation)
Doug DeCarlo
John Farnbach
Donna Fitzgerald
Mike Griffiths
Jim Highsmith
Ole Jepsen
Ashley Johnson
Lowell Lindstrom
Todd Little

Kent McDonald
Pollyanna Pixton
Preston Smith
Joseph Thomas (employed at DTE Corporation)
Robert Wysocki

Come participate in the network at our APLN sharepoint site.

Posted in Recommended Resources on 08/06/2006 07:06 pm
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