End With the Beginning in Mind

Mike Griffiths, blogging at Leading Answers, recently wrote that he was leaving his employment of six years at Quadrus Development and starting a new gig. Then Mike went on to say that he read some helpful teamwisdom in my book (Teamwork Is An Individual Skill) about Ending With the Beginning in Mind. He then reviewed all the wonderful opportunities he enjoyed at Quadrus. Here’s the comment I left there.


I’m always so impressed with your blog. Yours is the best agile/leadership blog out here. You make so many great observations with such efficiency and grace. I appreciate that you bring life to the idea of leadership, not just to agile methods. And so I’m deeply honored to be mentioned by you at a pivotal—or at least transitional—moment in your life. Thanks. I’m pleased you find application in my work.

I wish you God speed as you leave Quadrus and begin what comes next. I’m sure you’ll rapidly be delivering increments of value for a customer saying “yes, great, more!”.

My best, Christopher

Posted in Collaboration, Leadership, Recommended Resources on 04/08/2007 06:04 pm
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