Four values that will give you more of what you want

Guest post by Mikko Sorvari. Originally appeared on LinkedIn.

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Do you wonder how you could grow your career faster, get unstuck, have more impact and be the person others want to follow? What if I told you there is a proven program that will give you striking improvements in all of the above areas? What if I told you that you can improve your ability to lead others, solve problems get clarity and be more resourceful in your everyday life? Hard to believe, right?

Over the past seven years, I have been studying and teaching The Responsibility Process and I’ve proven these claims are possible. Discovering these four core values and the few principles for The Leadership Gift Program has helped me achieve tremendous growth the past few years.

Owning our ability to shape our lives rather than letting others decide for us

  • Master Responsibility and master your life
  • We are always more powerful and able than we give ourselves credit for
  • Our intention is to master Responsibility in our lives through Intention, Awareness and Confront

Understanding natural human reactions and how to align and to operate from Responsibility

  • Responsibility is about what we do when things go wrong
  • We aren’t bad or wrong for avoiding Responsibility, we are human
  • We are hard-wired to both take and avoid responsibility

Being aware of our intentions and actions so we can confront upsets sooner and operate from higher levels of consciousness

  • An upset is an opportunity to learn
  • Awareness is the key to change
  • Clarity leads to power

Choosing our responses and owning the consequences rather than feeling powerless

  • Responsibility over Accountability
  • When we confront problems we begin to solve them
  • When we take Responsibility, we own it

There is so much more to this. If you truly want to learn more, Christopher Avery will be taking a group through the 8 Core Modules live via webinar beginning March 4. The first 50 to register will be assured a webinar spot. If you are interested in learning more check out The Leadership Gift Program.


Mikko Sorvari

MikkoMikko is an Agile Consultant with over two decades of experience in software development and over fifteen years in various leadership roles. He has a full appreciation of the technology, business and human sides of organizational change. As an accredited Coach in The Leadership Gift, Mikko demonstrates and teaches Responsibility everywhere he goes.


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