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We’re sharing your stories. More on that below. First, here’s a good one…

Gabriel’s realization

“I’m in Colombia for three weeks with my wife for a well-deserved vacation. We arrived last Thursday and we’ll be spending time with family, friends and by ourselves for some R&R.

“I remember the first time I visited this country back in 2007. I was critical of many things I saw and experienced. In fact I felt very uncomfortable in front of my wife’s friends. I remember telling her they were not my “type”. I was arrogant, insecure and well, an a-hole (sorry for the vulgar framing).

“Last night we met those same friends I was critical of, and never in my mind I thought I was going to have so much fun. At first, I thought, ‘man they sure changed!’ And then I realized it was I who changed. With the information I now have of The Responsibility Process, I can safely say I felt above the line and fully in my power.

“It was a strange and yet comforting feeling to be in exactly the same position I was 12 years ago, but in a completely different mental state. I now understand many things I did not understand many years back.

Gabriel“I’m learning that every single being on this planet, regardless of race, place, culture, religion, etc. behaves according to their upbringing and environment — i.e.,  their reality. It is only up to me to understand that their reality may not be mine, and mine theirs, and what unites us is this common thread that we are looking for the same thing, to be connected from the heart.

Thank you Christopher Avery for this gift.”

Gabriel Youssef, President & Founder,, Montreal

You are welcome Gabriel and thank you for this wonderful example of how The Leadership Gift Program supports you in changing your life for the better.

Share one of your stories

It could be a story about…

  • overcoming an obstacle;
  • gaining newfound freedom, choice, or power;
  • getting unstuck;
  • discovering what you truly want; or even,
  • about how The Responsibility Process has made your life better.

(No, your story does not have to feature The Responsibility Process or any other model or teacher.)

We want stories about you — or your observing others — demonstrating responsibility and self-leadership that shows

  • inspiring intention (“we can do this”),
  • mindful awareness (“oh, what if we look at it this way”), and/or
  • the courage to confront reality (“I will stand at the edge of my comfort zone.”)

Or it could be an aha! moment where you realize that your Responsibility practice has paid off, as in Gabriel’s story above.


So more people can be inspired to understand and own their incredible ability to respond.


It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Write and edit your story. Keep it concise. Ask a friend to help you edit and proof it.

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  • Christopher, Agile Coach, USA;
  • Anonymous

A more specific and complete attribution adds spice and believability to your story. If possible, include a snapshot of yourself or your subject looking free, powerful, and at choice.

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