Grateful for Free Public WiFi in Airports

Kudos to airports that supply free public wifi. Its a wonderful thing. I’m sitting in the Dayton (Ohio) International Airport pursuing my Responsibility Redefined mission by ftping a 25mb file to my webmaster, responding to email and generally keeping things going. That’s cool.

Effective Teamwork and Leadership is often perceived through availability, agility, and our ability to respond. Keeping aware of “touch” areas, where we can effectively lead from afar, is always worth the few moments it takes to find hotspots and open connections. (of course you can always just sign up for my newsletter and get all kinds of good tips)

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Thanks Dayton International!

Want a list of airports getting onboard? Here are two lists I found.

I’ll be checking these in the future when I have a choice of airports to use, as I did on this trip (Cincinnati — which has some free wifi areas — and Dayton).

Kudos also to airports installing laptop recharging stations. It’s cut down some on the entertaining “plug snooper” syndrome. You’ve seen us—maybe you are one too—the man or woman snooping around the gate areas looking for the seat near an electrical outlet! We’ll sit on the floor if we have to in order to cop a spot near an outlet.

Also, Jack-in-The-Box is currently starting up their “free wifi” service. Many Vons stores also have free wifi connections. Across the nation, most larger city libraries have free wifi.

Your cell-phone may also have a function which locates and reports open wifi connections, and lets you know if they are secure or not. If you have an iPhone, Jwire has a nice little tool to help find a fast connection in tight spots.

What do you think?

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