Hanging The Responsibility Process™ posters around Brazosport High School

From: Lynn  Akins
Date: October 7, 2006


My husband, Anthony Akins, met you at Valtech Days in Dallas this past week. He brought me your book, thinking it would help me in my job as Special Education Department head at Brazosport High School. A quick glance through the book tells me he is right.  Thanks, and I look forward to placing the Responsibility Process poster all over my campus!

Lynn Akins

Thanks Lynn. I’m thrilled to receive this note. Our vision* includes serving schools. During speeches to groups, I’m always asked when we will have the products and services available to support students, teachers, and parents (the answer is “I don’t know, but come to Global Educators Academy and maybe we’ll figure it out together”). So my hat’s off to Lynn for her initiative and to her husband Anthony for telling her about Responsibility Redefined. Way to go!RP poster

By the way, I hope Lynn or someone else at Brazosport will send us a picture of the Responsibility Process™ poster hanging up on campus.

*I see the Responsibility Process™ poster hanging in every office, classroom, kitchen, and church in the world.

If you want a pdf of the Responsibility Process poster you can get one here.

Posted in Responsibility on 11/18/2006 07:05 am
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