Help Design The Responsibility Process™ Game at Agile2011

Many have expressed interest in a simple and portable game they can play to help a group of people discover The Responsibility Process. As you may know, games are powerful learning tools since they engage players in a learner-centered discovery process as opposed to a “tell” based presentation.

Derek Wade and I are hosting one or two TRP game design sessions at Agile2011 in Salt Lake City to see if we can develop a useful game. You are invited to participate if you too would love to have a useful

The Responsibility Process game. We are planning to meet Sunday afternoon or evening for the first time, then perhaps again Monday afternoon right after my Coaching Success: Getting People to Take Responsibility workshop.

Add your email to the meet-up list and I’ll keep you informed.

How to design a learning game?

I’m not an expert, but I have designed quite a few games. Here are some things to consider:

Think of a game you enjoyed playing as a child, like Tic Tac Toe, Hop Scotch, Jacks, Go Fish, Charades, Scavenger Hunt, Hide and Seek, etc. Then ask yourself how the game could be adapted to your subject matter.

Consider how much more engaging it would be to add dice-rolls, turn-taking, point-scoring, judges, or a timer to something simple like role-playing. The game conditions should only add to the discovery process, not interfere.

What other game-design ideas do you have? Leave a comment.

Posted in Agile, Responsibility on 07/29/2011 05:55 pm
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