High School Hall of Fame Induction

Hall of Fame plaque

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On September 2, 2011 I was in Ashtabula, Ohio where I lived from the age of 7 into my college years. The high school alumni association called me to be inducted into their Hall of Fame for my work with the Responsibility Process and Leadership Gift.

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Other honorees included Captain Jed Larsen, (me), Vicki Sussman, Francis Montanaro, Craig Walrath, Paul Lewis (represented by his daughter). Not pictured are James Bollman and Dr. William Evans.

We each addressed the high school juniors and seniors (I showed a couple of Thom’s Responsibility Man videos.) Then we were treated to a luncheon as well as honored at the fifty yard line during the season-opening football game that evening.

Thanks to my wife Amy, son Thom, and brother Fred for traveling with me; to Stuart and Kim Cordell for hosting us; and to Virginia Buona and Norma Lillie — my second Mom’s during all those years — for attending.

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