How do you protect your privacy on the internet?

This is a difficult question to answer

Of course, Internet privacy should be a major concern to anyone who boots up a computer and surfs the Internet. With modern technology comes a new generation of criminals and misfits who will use technology with bad intentions.
Even if criminal activity isn’t involved, some of the sources you, as an Internet user, think you can trust will let you down. Internet Service Providers (ISP), search engines, and marketing companies all use technology to track your IP address and slowly build up a profile about your surfing habits.  That is correct—even your own ISP keeps tabs on your internet habits.

You can safely assume that you have zero privacy while surfing the Internet. Privacy on the Internet is not given to you. As an Internet user, you must assume responsibility and proactively research ways to protect your Internet Privacy while online.

This brings us to the million dollar question…

How do you protect your privacy?

My suggestion is to use Private Proxy.  This will mask your IP address making it much harder for companies, or misfits, to track you.

Remember, privacy on the Internet is not automatic.  It’s up to you to be proactive.

Posted in Recommended Resources on 11/11/2008 08:48 pm
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