How to Do More of What You Want Everyday

In her blog this week professional writer Liz Strauss says to look at your plan everyday and decide what doesn’t need doing.

Hear hear. Well said Liz. I like your words of wisdom, and I think I’ll tag this as a Responsibility Redefined sighting. I’ll add your blog feed to my list so I can stay up with your writing about writing, and maybe I’ll seek your services one day to help me write about responsibility and teamwork.

Here is one of my secrets for not doing what doesn’t need to be done.

Many years ago I asked myself what I thought retirement was. I decided retirement was when you get up everyday and do only and exactly what you want to do.

Isn’t that why people want to have enough money to retire?

So I decided to retire right then, at that moment, at the age of whatever it was — mid 30’s. And I decided that enough wasn’t nearly the issue most of us make it out to be (but it sure can be a huge distraction). I felt relatively confident about the money part because I wanted to be making an important contribution to the planet and figured if I was doing that, then the money would come.

It’s not been simple or easy, but it has been a great vector. I have no regrets. In fact, I’m grateful for that decision to retire and focus every day on want-to instead of habit or have-to.

To Liz’s recommendation that you start every day by questioning what doesn’t have to be done, I would add to start every day by reflecting on what you want to do and what a perfect day, week, month, year, and life would look like. Then pursue it.

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