How to Teach Responsibility to Anyone (and Master Your Life in the Process) (MP3 Download)

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Leaders, coaches, parents, and teachers worldwide are changing lives, teams, and families of all types. How? By applying potent discoveries of the last 25 years about how responsibility really works in the mind.

And now, so can you with…

How to Teach Responsibility to Anyone (and Master Your Life in the Process)

Recorded live at the inaugural session of Christopher’s Global Educators Academy.

You will learn how to study, practice, master, and teach personal responsibility…

Benefits of practicing The Keys to Responsibility™

  • Solve conflicts faster and at the source
  • Learn and grow faster
  • Understand more clearly what you truly want (and how to have it)
  • Overcome any challenge (even those that are “God-given”)
  • Love deeper
  • Master your life
  • Get over upsets and frustrations faster, more naturally, and with less residue
  • Surround yourself with team members, students, clients, and family members who practice responsibility
  • Have the life you want
  • Get rid of what you don’t want
  • Love yourself and your life
  • Support others who want to take 100% ownership for their life, work, and relationships
  • Teach others how their minds work to keep them stuck or propel them forward
  • Create a more positive and sustaining environment in which to live and work
  • Naturally avoid toxic people and situations

And more. What results will you produce in your life when you have these skills?

You will learn

  • How your own process of responsibility works to keep you stuck in Lay Blame, Justify, Shame, Obligation, or Quit, or free you to take responsibility and move to clear and resourceful action
  • A potent language of responsible leadership, change, and problem ownership you can use to get things done
  • How to set new expectations in your team or family for avoiding or taking responsibility so that only taking responsibility gets rewarded
  • How to communicate problems, issues, and concerns more clearly and accurately with less politics and resistance
  • Teaching and coaching pitfalls to avoid
  • How to internalize The Keys to Responsibility™, there are three,  for claiming freedom, power, and choice
  • Strategies to move yourself and others from “being stuck” to clear and resourceful thinking
  • To recognize in yourself when you are not being a role model for how to demonstrate personal responsibility, how to catch yourself, and how to change course in order to be an exceptional role model…


Module 1. Welcome to the Inauguration! (1:04:53)

Important history of The Responsibility Redefined™ discoveries and breakthroughs
Responding to the critical need in the world to learn this information

Module 2. Teaching Responsibility (52:23)

How Christopher introduces The Responsibility Process® to any audience, especially a novice audience

Module 3. Debrief of Teaching Responsibility (1:00:51)

A concerns-based Q&A dialog between Christopher and participants about the nuances of teaching responsibility

Module 4. Responsibility Does Not Equal Accountability (10:53)

The critical—and poorly understood—distinction between “being held to account” in a role or relationship and “feelings of ownership”

Module 5. Responsibility In The News (31:47)

Answering the critical question: “If we are hardwired to both avoid and take responsibility, how do we become so good at avoiding it, and so poor at taking it?”

Module 6. You Are The News (45:51)

Debrief of Module 5 plus a discussion of the notion that what the media reports isn’t necessarily “the news”

Module 7. The Keys to Responsibility™ (40:31)

Introducing the three key practices you can adopt to unlock, access, and ultimately master The Responsibility Process®

Module 8. Intention and Wins (56:04)

Getting clear about the relationship between generating intentions, having your intentions met, and feeling like you are winning
Additionally, getting clear about counter-intentions, unconscious intentions, not getting your intentions met, and feeling like you are losing

Module 9. What I Want (55:15)

How to discover, allow, ask for, and expect to have what we want

Module 10. Distinctions on Wanting (27:14)

We make the critical distinction that responsibility doesn’t mean doing the right thing, but rather having what we want and wanting what we have
And, you can’t successfully practice the Law of Attraction until you understand and practice responsibility

Module 11. Confront (1:04:37)

How personal learning and growth occur
Facing the reality that maybe we don’t yet fully grasp reality is the ultimate key to unlocking The Responsibility Process®
Developing the courage to confront oneself in order to discover the truth and expand one’s freedom, power, and choice

Module 12. Playing a Bigger Game (28:38)

You can choose to take 100% responsibility for a moment or forever, and for a situation, a life, a team, a family, a community, a nation, a planet, or…
Make your vision so large you attract lots of partners to help you

Module 13. Dealing with Belief Systems (1:07:27)

International recording artist Rex Foster singing and accompanying himself on the guitar helps us look at the place of personal responsibility in various belief systems
How to approach teaching people that responsibility may not be what they think it is

Module 14. Don’t Go Into Agreement (17:21)

Being able to maintain your message without entering (agreeing with) someone else’s belief system
The invitation to confront

Module 15. Debrief and What I Feel Like Saying (1:04:53)

In which we celebrate our takeaways and pledge to spread the word

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