Ideas for friends helping announce the next Immersion Cohort

August 2020 UPDATE – The next 20-week live semester starts January 13, 2021. Most of the info below applies. I also posted two videos (playlist) about how to:

  • login to the Referral Partner center,
  • find and choose the custom URLs to use, and
  • build campaign-tracking links so you can see results of experiments.

This post is evolving. I’m publishing it in draft form because it offers information people want now. Please comment to ask for what else I can provide that will help you share this information with your audience.

Helping people help themselves

We intend to reach people all over the world who want what’s offered in The Leadership Gift™ Program’s 20-week live semester and cohort.  We need lots of help.

Here’s a not-so-short primer on what we are doing, in case it helps you think about ethical marketing — marketing with love, responsibility, and service.

I have talked to many friends and colleagues who have offered to do one or more of the following either as a compensated referral partner or as an act of service and goodwill to their community:

  1. One. Send one or more messages (see ideas for copy below) to their distribution (via their email list or LinkedIn messaging) about the next cohort (information and registration page).
  2. Two. Post or re-post (i.e., share our posts) on social media about the next Cohort, or alternatively, about requesting a sample of how The Leadership Gift Program supports you in building a Responsibility practice so you change your life.

How to get involved

Contact me about your interest in participating in any of the above, even just getting notified of social posts so you can share them to your network.

See if the referral partner opportunity is for you.

Two approaches

One. You (and we) can send contacts directly to the membership plans and registration page mentioned in #1 above. In this case, you take them straight to the offer. However, most people aren’t ready to commit immediately. If they aren’t yet ready to join, we won’t have a way to contact them again.

Two. You can point contacts to a free sample on an opt-in page. Then, they get to sample. And we can contact them with more information and options to get involved. They can decide when they are ready.

Each approach has advantages.

One works best when people are ready to join now. It also tends to work best with multiple touches over a few weeks via email or messaging.

Two works great in social media posts, when you don’t have a lot of time to write copy (I have some below), especially when combined with good graphics. P.S. This is where you can amplify our posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You get the best reach when you SHARE to your network and COMMENT with your story, endorsement, etc.

Here’s an example from friend and colleague Gil Broza. He used his referral link and had LinkedIn shorten it.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 11.17.33 AM

This post resulted in ten opt-ins in three days. I will nurture those via broadcast emails and some of those ten may join this year, next year, or beyond. When they do, Gil will earn commissions.

Referral partner “easy button”

An easy and quick thing to do for your network is to SHARE my posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter but (for Referral Partners only) replace my link with your custom URL so that whoever clicks on it, visits the page, and ultimately completes a form (either opt-in form or registration form) gets tagged as your customer.

This means you will want two custom links. One each for

  • information and registration page (
  • the free sample opt-in page (

You can generate these yourself in your Referral Partner account. Then, choose the appropriate link for the post.

Social Posts

If you see my promo posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, feel free to re-share and add your referral partner URL


For approach One

Do you want

  • less stress and more sanity?
  • a better, more productive way to live and lead?
  • to stop coping and start growing?

Do you want to experience true freedom, choice, and power?

Consider The Leadership Gift Program (link). It has a stellar reputation.

The Responsibility Process is the world’s first how-to approach for understanding, taking, and teaching personal responsibility — the first principle of success at anything. Anything.

And demonstrating Responsibility the mark of leadership — and 95% of leadership is self-leadership.

The Responsibility Process gets triggered every time something goes wrong. And things go wrong, every day, all day long.

If you respond to problems by BLAMING other teams or departments, you are telling your team that you and they are powerless. That’s not leading but retreating.

If you respond to problems by BLAMING other teams or departments, you are telling your team that you and they are powerless. That’s not leading but retreating.

If you want to master The Responsibility Process in you, your life can be different in 90 days. How? You’ll enjoy much greater freedom, choice, and power, and know how to generate more and more.

What would that be worth?

Check out The Leadership Gift Program now at (or insert your link)

Use promo code GROW to save.

Do it right now.


I’ve known about Christopher Avery’s work with The Responsibility Process for years. His eLearning community for leaders and coaches, The Leadership Gift Program, has a stellar reputation. Members report

  • feeling much calmer and in charge of life,
  • being more resourceful,
  • better decision making and problem-solving,
  • being better leaders and teammates
  • better relationships, and
  • more

If you are looking for a truly satisfying and successful approach to life and work, check out The Leadership Gift Program <link>.  A new cohort group starts October 26.

For approach Two

more to come…

Thank you

Thank you for your support.

Please contact me or comment below and tell me how I can support you in getting the word out.

Read The Responsibility Process in paperback or on Kindle or iBooksContact us to order in volume for your event, book club, or class. 

Christopher Avery headshot Christopher Avery, “The Responsibility Process guy”, founded The Leadership Gift™ Program to make world-class personal leadership development accessible to individuals worldwide. His books include The Responsibility Process and Teamwork Is An Individual Skill.

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