If you share responsibility to get things done with others…

…I heartily recommend your joining me for an upcoming session of Knowledge Team Leadership: The Art & Science of Being Effective in Any Team. For years you've been able to bring Knowledge Team Leadership into your corporation either through my firm Partnerwerks or through the Cutter Consortium. But now, we're making Knowledge Team Leadership available to leaders, teams, and individuals who may not have the opportunity to attend it as an in-house course.Since there is plenty written elsewhere about Knowledge Team Leadership, I'll attempt to say here what the advertising may not.

First, I've never agreed with most of what is taught about team skills. Knowledge Team Leadership reflects that fact. My material is drawn from many diverse sources, not just best-sellers about teamwork, and field tested. I work to appeal to your intellect, your common sense, and your integrity rather than someone's ideas about what you should do to be a good team player. (a term I consider derogatory; I explain why in Teamwork Is An Individual Skill).

Second, of the few things I do relatively well, I'd like to think I am best at helping others become exceptionally aware of their innate power and ability to create and sustain collaborative relationships to get things done. I've come to believe team skills are more about mindset than about tips and techniques, and I design the Knowledge Team Leadership experience to tap into that mindset in each attendee.

So if you sense that you could be more effective — more powerful — with others, or if you'd like your current team to accelerate beyond belief in a few short days, or if you'd just like to invest a refreshing three days studying some great life and relationships concepts, check it out.


Posted in Recommended Resources on 09/04/2006 09:46 pm
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