I’m back! Home from a working vacation

Christopher with buskers in LondonI'm back after being mostly out of touch for the last two weeks while traveling in Ireland and England with my family on a much-deserved vacation. Here's a picture taken by my son of me with a couple of buskers on the walkway along the Thames River on a sunny day.

I also worked two half-days on a couple of Responsibility Redefined missions:

  1. I keynoted the Agile Business Conference 2007 in London on Wednesday 3 October, and
  2. I made a 30-hour side-trip to Stockholm to present a workshop on responsible leadership to a distinguished group of Statesecretaries of the Swedish government.

I intend to add some posts about all of that in the next few days.

It was a fine vacation. Everyone in my family agrees it was great to be in Ireland and London and it feels great to be back home.

I have two days in the office then head to Las Vegas for our next Responsibility Redefined mission—two half-day workshops with 100 customer care managers of a leading wireless provider.

Posted in Agile on 10/11/2007 07:06 am
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