Is Earth Day Your Idea of Social Responsibility?

Since today is Earth Day, I followed a wikiHow link to read How to Celebrate Earth Day and was at first a bit dismayed that I wasn’t exactly doing any of the recommended steps. Then I read #14 – Ride Your Bike. I ride a lot, but not to take care of the earth, to take care of my health, and because I love it.

Redeemed. But unsettled (I also burn plenty of fossil fuel getting around)…

Aware I was in justify, I chose to confront the truth and realized I want to treat everyday as earth day, not just April 22.Image of earth

I want to work with leaders like those of an amazing software company I support whose vision is to transform the industry so it produces no waste because it reuses 100% of its by-products. I want to work with leaders for whom responsibility doesn’t need to be tagged “corporate,” and “social” in order to make investments in earth, sky, air, and people for sustainability. And I want to work with leaders who see value, and thus revenue and profits, in doing these things everyday.

Not just one day a year, and not just as a public relations program to earn goodwill.

Your thoughts?

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