Jessica Soroky’s Guest Post #42: This Responsibility Stuff is Hard

responsibilityThere have been countless times over the past few years that I have wanted to give up and give in to the way that society functions – where accountability and responsibility are more of a great idea than something practiced.

It normally comes after watching someone who cheats and lies get to the top. It has even left me with the impression that in order to climb the corporate ladder, I must also partake in these questionable activities.

I have often heard this same thought come out across our community: “How does one practice responsibility when no one else does?”

So what’s the answer?

I think that is slightly different for everyone of us. For me the answer came by asking myself a couple of questions.

Why do I want to practice responsibility?

Is it to add skills to my resume or accreditations? Am I trying to learn to talk enough to start selling to my clients that I am a more evolved person so they pick me over the next guy?

No, I practice responsibility because I want to be a person who is highly aware, thinks before she responds, and a leader who is free, powerful and at –

Strike that.

I am all of those things and I practice responsibility to continuously master my own awareness of my mental state.

What am I willing to lose to continue my mastery?

Am I willing to look silly or goofy when I explain this mental process, or claim a win? Am I willing to confront an intimidating situation or someone I care about most and say, “How long are you going to do this to yourself?”

There have been many situations where it seemed easier to put my responsibility in my back pocket and ignore it instead of choosing to wave the flag as high and proud as possible.

In those situations, no matter what I lose –even if it’s a job – I leave with my head held high having chosen responsibility. I am going to stay true to who I am even if it means disappointing someone next to me.

The realization that I cannot be true to myself in a certain environment may lead to a choice to leave instead of beating my head against a brick wall.

This responsibility stuff is hard.

Christopher has always said when you start studying The Responsibility Process™ you will be the most responsible person in the room most of the time. When others around you are not responding from a responsible place, all we can do is control ourselves and raise our level of responsibility.

So here’s to all the haters, the imitators, and the ones who talk the talk but don’t walk to the walk: you aren’t hiding well – we see you.

I have come to trust that the world can see the difference, and I can allow if they still choose to create an environment fueled by Denial, Lay Blame, Justify, Shame, and Obligation. I have the power and choice to raise my level of responsibility or choose a different environment.

This responsibility stuff is hard – but the reward, the freedom and power from being at choice (and at cause) in my life — my own reality — is why I choose everyday to practice and master my personal responsibility and accountability.

This responsibility stuff is hard – what drives you? What are you willing to do to stay true to yourself?

Jessica Soroky, CSM

Only 21 years old, Jessica is already a Certified Scrum Master with two years of practice in agile delivery and team leadership. She is also the youngest participant in The Leadership Gift™ Program and its growing worldwide community of leaders and coaches. After five years of non-profit development through Nellie’s Catwalk for Kids, Jessica continues her leadership journey in state government, not-for-profit, and private sector leadership studies.

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Posted in Responsibility on 06/25/2014 06:43 am
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