Job Corps contractor applauds Responsibility Redefined

Job Corps shield graphicI spent Thursday in Layton, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City, with 100 Job Corps center directors, assistant directors, and regional and corporate executives of MTC, the largest Job Corps contractor. They operate twenty-some Job Corps centers stretching from Maine to Hawaii. Job Corps is a U.S. government training program that helps young people ages sixteen to twenty-four get a better job, make more money, and take control of their lives.

Word is that MTC employees are extremely committed to their work. Some of the executives were fans of my book, so I enjoyed a warm welcome as I joined their multi-day strategy conference to provide a day-long workshop on Teamwork Is An Individual Skill. I was impressed with the interest and commitment of the group and look forward to working with this highly engaged group of execs again. No group I ever worked with rocked the house like this group did when I asked the 70 in the audience to cheer for the 30 folks engaged in a game with me in the front of the room. MTC logo

At lunch, MTC's VP in charge of curriculum design—for 26 years!— told me he had never seen a leadership model more powerful than the Responsibility Redefined material I was presenting. Specifically, he liked the distinction I made between Accountability and Responsibility. That was great to hear. 

Posted in Leadership, Responsibility on 05/06/2007 04:33 pm
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