Keynoting UK’s Leadership Trust Annual Leadership Conference

We’ve just agreed to add The Leadership Trust’s Annual Leadership Conference to my “European tour” in late September. I’m honored to join a distinguished slate of speakers for The Leadership Trust’s Annual Leadership Conference:

  • Nicholas Witchell, BBC Royal & Diplomatic Correspondent
  • John Adair, One of the world’s leading authorities on leadership
  • Simon Walker, Round the world yachtsman and Arctic explorer
  • Fenella Tyler, Communications Manager for Scottish & Newcastle’s Cider Division
  • Paul K Winter, Chief Executive, The Leadership Trust

I’m especially excited by the theme of the conference, Global Leadership: Values and Beliefs. That should be a perfect fit for the discussion of Responsibility Redfined™. I’m interested in the practice of responsible leadership from the front lines through middle and senior management to the board room. Responsibility Redefined™ addresses so many issues including performance, agility, engagement, collaboration, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. Responsibility Redefined™ can and does contribute enormous value to all of these areas, and can integrate them as well.
The LEaddership Trust building and grounds
When and where?
The date is 23 September 2008.
And the location is Herefordshire, the home of The Leadership Trust, about 150 kilometers (I’m guessing, looking at a map) west of London. From The Leadership Trust website:

The Leadership Trust’s Centre is set in tranquil amidst the beautiful countryside of the Wye Valley, in the centre of the United Kingdom.

Our centre for executive leadership development has a uniquely peaceful and calm atmophere. Without distractions, it is ideal for focusing completely on learning.

I’ll be there just a day or two, then travel to London to keynote the Agile Business Conference 2008 on September 24, 2008.

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