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Live Life Loud! Kimchi Pursues, Finds, and Spreads Freedom

“FREEDOM is very important to me. I would sacrifice my life, wealth, marriage, and status for freedom.

“You see, in my Asian culture, the word “responsibility” often equates to “duty” or “obligation”.  To be “responsible” means to do the “right” thing, which most of the time is the thing that my parents and others expected of me.  

“For the longest time, I operated my life from the point of view of “duty” and “obligation” as a wife, a mom, and a daughter. Because of that I often felt powerless — an Asian woman who has no voice in her life.

“I was attracted to The Leadership Gift Program because of these words:

  • Responsibility,
  • Power,
  • Freedom, and
  • Choice,

“Why? Because I could not figure out how to be responsible and still have the freedom and choice to do what I want to do, instead of doing only the things I am obligated to do.

“By developing my Responsibility practice over time (shout out to Christopher Avery and The Leadership Gift community!) I now recognize that I have the freedom, power, and choice to align completely with who I am and what I stand for.

“It’s liberating!  and this is the core message of my podcast “Asian Women of Power” ~ Live Life Loud! My life mission is to empower Asian American and Asian women around the world to LIVE LIFE LOUD, by

  • speaking up for their truth,
  • standing up for their rights, and
  • showing up for what they believe in.

“Here’s a tiny taste of how I got here…

“After the communists took away my parents business and incarcerated us,  I barely escaped from Vietnam with my life and came to the USA as a refuge. That was the late 1970s.

“Later, I was fortunate to marry my husband. His parents had money and they were kind, yet very traditional — i.e., even adult children don’t answer back to parents! Even though I was comfortable financially, I did not feel free in my marriage while my parents-in-law were alive. I was not able to speak up or share my views.

“Eventually, I gave up trying to change their perspectives. As you would expect, I became resentful, because everything I did around them was out of obligation.

“Through a lot of study, teachers, and hard work, I’ve freed myself from all of that. And today I help other Asian and Asian American women to free themselves too.

“When I look back on my journey, the areas that have given me the greatest breakthroughs include

  • Forgiveness,
  • Acceptance, and
  • Letting Go.

“I’ve forgiven

  • myself,
  • my husband,
  • my in-laws,
  • my father,
  • the Vietnamese Communists, and,
  • people who have hurt me emotionally or who took advantage of me financially.

 “Married now for thirty-five years, I have two adult children, ages thirty-one and twenty-nine, who are born in America. I know what it feels like to be stuck between American (Western) culture and Asian (Eastern) culture. I now understand different perspectives as a

  • mom (and soon to be a mother-in-law),
  • daughter and daughter-in-law,
  • wife,
  • professional woman, and
  • entrepreneur.

“I accept my humanity to experience Lay Blame, Justify, Shame, Obligation and Quit (as a natural part of The Responsibility Process) when things go wrong. I have practiced Responsibility for more than two years now. When I accepted that this is a part of being human, I gained compassion toward myself and others.

“I feel compassion especially with Asian women who want to do the right thing for themselves and for the next generation. Through my podcast, I am able to reach Asian women all over the world. Today I am honored to be a teacher, coach, and leader for Asian women.

Kimchi“I have developed the knowledge, experience, and tools that can help other Asian women experience freedom, power, and choice, while still honoring their heritage.

“I’ve earned the right to say LIVE LIFE LOUD!”

Kimchi Chow, Host, Asian Women of Power Podcast
San Jose, California, USA

You inspire Kimchi. Thank you for your demonstration of freedom.

Listen to Kimchi Chow’s gripping life story and lessons on the Asian Women of Power podcast episode titled How Did I Get Here? Kimchi’s is an inspiring story of early family trauma, separation, loss, escape, resilience, growth, and service. Your listening will be well-rewarded.

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