Knowledge Team Leadership Boulder Was Mission 34

Wow, it’s been a long time. Knowledge Team Leadership logo

Last week in Boulder, Colorado, was spectacular.  We had a lively group of project leaders, IT managers, and a software dev start-up VP for Knowledge Team Leadership. For me the highlight of the week was being in Rally Software Development company headquarters and working with Agile University, Rally’s new contribution to supporting education in the agile arena.

Agile University logoThe Agile U folks and I decided to add four more sessions of Knowledge Team Leadership to the one already scheduled, so here are the upcoming dates and locations:

11-13 December 2007 in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

26-28 February 2008 in Santa Clara, California or Bay area

15-17 April 2008 in London, England

14-16 May 2008 in Washington, D.C.

23-25 September 2008 in Boulder, Colorado

Get information and registration for all at Knowledge Team Leadership.

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