Knowledge Team Leadership Rated 9.44/10 90-days After

January 2009 Evaluation of October 2008 Knowledge Team Leadership Intensive

90 days AFTER returning to their teams following the October 2008 intensive, I asked participants “How likely is it for you to recommend a friend or colleague to Knowledge Team Leadership?” On a scale of 1 to 10 participants rated it 9.44.

“What would you tell them?”

They said:

“This class has great content and great presentation. I’ve used the material over and over since the class and it has had a meaningful impact in how I approach team dynamics”

“The course offers valuable insights into the concept of teamwork and shared responsibility and gives one valuable tools to achieve success in these areas”

“Lots of good ideas and challenging thoughts condensed into a short time investment”

“This course focuses on what the individual can do to help create responsible teams. Many other courses concentrate on how to get others to do things. This course recognizes the importance of changing your behavior. Everything in this course can be used throughout your life – work or at home. It can also be a great tools for your kids.”

2009 sessions scheduled already in San Antonio, London, Dallas, Santa Clara, and New York city. Check out the dates.

If you are considering attending, I urge you to claim your spot now. Don’t wait another day.

Posted in Leadership, Teamwork on 02/09/2009 11:25 am
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