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Would you consider “9.5” on a 10-point scale to be a good customer satisfaction score? Frankly, I’d like it to be higher. But I’ll take it, wouldn’t you?

I just completed a 2-question customer satisfaction survey with Gold and Silver Members of the Perfect Problem Breakthrough e-program for leaders. Here are the results…

“1. How likely is it for you to recommend a friend or colleague to the Perfect Problem Breakthrough?”

-> Average = 9.5 on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high) < -

“2. What specifically would you tell your friend or colleague?”

Here are 4 verbatim responses:

“I’ve struggled with conflicts and this program helped me better understand the source of the conflict and then chose what to do about it.” – Elaine McNaughton, Project Manager, American Airlines, Fort Worth, TX

“This course will give you clarity about what you are doing or not doing that is holding you back from taking control of your life. It did that for me.

“As a result of participating in the Perfect Problem Breakthrough I am much healthier. In short, I appreciate myself more. I am more self-assured because I have the choice and power to respond in a healthier way. I’ve always known I had the choice. But now I have accepted the power to change how I respond.” – Cindi Dawson, Entrepreneur, Staunton, Virginia

“I have found a program that is helping me become a better leader. I think you can get a lot of benefit from this program, and it’s affordable.” – Dayan Douse, IT Quality Manager

“From the very beginning, the program helped me make one significant breakthrough after another. If you want to achieve your full potential as a leader – in whatever form leadership takes for you, be it family, business, personal goals – and make the greatest possible contribution to the world, this program is absolutely essential. It gives you a fundamental capability that you will wonder how you ever managed without.” – Curtis Verstraete, President, Bishop Information Group, Inc.

I want to share with you the text of an email I just sent to Silver and Gold Members. If you are ever planning to join us as a Gold or Silver Member, now could be the single best time. I’ll explain…

Dear Silver and Gold Members,

It’s not fair…

Currently anyone can gain access to all of the valuable content in our PPB library for just $1 (with the coupons which are still valid). That’s not fair to you who have been here from the beginning, took the initial risk, and have paid your membership fees each month.

So here’s the general plan…

First – Please remember that your monthly fees will never increase as long as you remain a member in good standing. You have my word. And thank you for being a valuable member of this community.

Glad that’s straight.

Now, for new applicants and those upgrading from a Free membership to a paid membership at the Silver or Gold level, there are three increases planned during the next 30 days. These increases apply only to the Application and Sign-Up Fee. The current monthly fees of $97 for Gold and $47 for Silver will remain the same for new members.

There will be some market research/experimentation so don’t hold me to this exactly, but I think those increases might look something like this:

– Current:  Application and Sign-Up Fee = $97

– 1st step: Application and Sign-Up Fee = $297 (Aug 7) Note: August 7 is this Friday. After this date the program will still be excellent; the Application and Start-Up fees will be higer

– 2nd step: Application and Sign-Up Fee = $497 (Aug 14)

– 3rd step: Application and Sign-Up Fee = $697 (Aug 21)

I will do everything I can to build this community, first nationally, then worldwide, because as a community of truly Responsible leaders we can accomplish great things. Ultimately, I suspect the most valuable source of new members will come from you the current members who identify colleagues that you want to invite into this community.

Some of you have shared with me that you are planning to do an email blast to some of your colleagues now that the last Core Module, Module 8, is complete and in the library ready to download. I want you to be aware of these changes so you can encourage your friends to get in the door now and save some money.

The very best deal — $1 Application and Sign-Up Fee if you have the coupon codes — remains for only another 2.5 days.

Those coupon codes are:       

Gold Coupon Code –> 281B2318B0

Silver Coupon Code –> 531750BF0A

To your freedom, choice, and power,


P.S. Here’s how to join now and enjoy all the benefits:

1. Go -> http://www.PerfectProblemBreakthrough.com

2. Read this page well. It is long in order to thoroughly reveal all the details of the program

3. Choose your level: Gold or Silver

4. Click the large blue button near the bottom of the page

5. Complete the application using one of the coupon codes above

5. Then expand your leadership power everyday for the rest of your life. You deserve it.

I’ll see you on the next Q&A Dialog call…

Posted in Leadership on 08/04/2009 08:12 pm
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