Leadership, Freedom, and Responsibility at Netflix

This is an excellent slide deck presentation from Netflix about how they they influence their culture. Take 5 minutes and cruise through the slides. It is meant to be read through, not presented, so you should enjoy it.

Here is what struck me about Netflicks

  1. Kudos to Netflix for asking “Why?” about traditional HR practices like vacation time. Until you question the common advice, i.e., “best practices”, how the industry does it, etc.,  you won’t find new truths. That’s a central tenet in Responsibility Redefined. Read The Maverick and The Seven-Day Weekend, both by Ricardo Semler for some in-your-face ideas about re-thinking your business.
  2. What a great recruiting tool. Put your values out there and allow them to attract the candidate who recognizes him or herself
  3. Netflix says that this stance on Freedom and Responsibility applies to professional, not hourly, employees. Here’s my question about that. Why can’t someone measured in hourly increments be expected to apply principles of freedom and responsibility as well as someone measured in monthly increments?


I look forward to your thoughts.
Posted in Responsibility on 08/12/2009 11:26 am
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