The Leadership Gift Blog Acknowledgements in 2012

What an amazing year 2012 has been for the Leadership Gift. Our site and blog have been acknowledged several times for our leadership work. Here’s a review of the kind kudos:

Top 50 Leadership Blogs to Watch in 2013

Christopher Avery & the Leadership Gift – “Leaders worldwide study Christopher’s research because it shows them how to consciously expand their leadership power and ability every day so they can learn and grow faster, overcome challenges, and achieve their potential while energizing their teams and organizations.

“Unlike anecdotal approaches to leadership development and change, Christopher’s approach derives from 20 years of field studies on the front lines of leadership about how personal responsibility — the first principle of success– operates in our minds. These rich discoveries are changing how people live more fulfilling lives, how leaders lead, how agile teams get built, and how coaches and parents teach and inspire personal responsibility.”

50 Best Leadership Blogs

The Leadership Gift: “Christopher Avery believes that everyone has the potential to be a great leader, if only they would use their leadership gift. In this blog, he shares great ways you can develop leadership ability within yourself.”

100 Exemplary Sites for Future Leaders

Christopher Avery & Leadership Gift – “This site is dedicated to helping people discover their inner leadership skills and gifts. Posts are meant to empower leaders and encourage them to develop their professional skills.”

Leadership Tip: Why Building Trust is So Important

Thank you for the acknowledgement. Wishing you a free and powerful 2013!

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