The Leadership Gift Member Focus on Elaine McNaughton

Each month I interview a Leadership Gift community member to find out what brings them to the Leadership Gift and how it impacts their life, work, and relationships. The purpose of this Leadership Gift Member Focus is to encourage and inspire other members of the Leadership Gift community.

Focus on Elaine McNaughton

Interviewed by Christopher. Interview notes: a charter member of the Leadership Gift… Elaine is an unabashed child of God (comment: the Leadership Gift supports people of faith and science). Elaine offers an example to other leaders who may be examining their own faith in relation to the Leadership Gift… a project manager at American Airlines, Elaine has benefitted from many breakthroughs in her first 6 months in the Leadership Gift eprogram… “I’m able to recognize upset happening inside of me, and I’m able to recognize where I am in the Responsibility Process and get myself through the upset… and I can do that pretty quickly now.” Learn how Elaine is using and introducing the Leadership Gift with her teams, peers, and even superiors at work…

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What is the Leadership Gift?

The Leadership Gift unlocks your innate leadership ability by helping you master, step-by-step, your mind’s Responsibility Process — your internal regulator for completely owning your life and generating ever more freedom, power, and choice, versus settling for less.

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Posted in Responsibility on 12/15/2009 12:17 pm
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